“Robert has been my go-to guy for help with advising BallenIsles’ residents how to humanely deal with 'nuisance' and other wildlife issues. As a specialist in humane wildlife conflict resolution, he has vast wildlife rescue experience, superior knowledge about how to humanely resolve wildlife problems, and an approach that helps both humans and wildlife. He has resolved many raccoon and Muscovy duck issues and other wildlife issues for our residents — always with a humane solution. He also wrote a very informative article (linked here) on humane eviction for our Foundation’s digital publication 'Nature Matters.' We are very lucky that Robert lives and works in South Florida!” - Marianne Guerra, President, BallenIsles Wildlife Foundation

“Another speaker who works as a paid consultant to cities and individuals that have raccoon problems offered his expert opinion free to Miami Springs. Robert Ruderman knocked it out of the park with his comments...'The trapping/killing of raccoons at the (Miami Springs) golf course has been put on hold and what Mr. Ruderman said tonight makes a lot of sense,’ said (Miami Springs City Manager Ron) Gorland.'” - Curtis, T. (2016, March 31). Raccoons, tot lot headline meeting. River Cities Gazette, p. 1.

“Our residential community was having issues with iguanas eating our flowers. Humane Wildlife Consulting of South Florida inspected our property and offered like a dozen ways to evict and exclude them and got them to stop eating the flowers without killing them or trapping them. So far, so good!” - Ana DeLuca, resident, Broward County

"We were concerned when we saw an alligator hanging out in the lake near our home. We have a dog and a child. We called Humane Wildlife Consulting who told us all about gator behavior - and that gators want nothing to do with us and are almost never a threat to us (the rare attack happens when they are being fed or provoked). Robert told us that the likelihood of a Florida resident being seriously injured from an unprovoked alligator incident is roughly one in 2.4 million. He told us about the precautions that should be taken with small dogs and small children. He told us how to haze (scare away) the gator when we saw him again, which we did a number of times and it worked because we haven't seen him since. Sadly he also told us that the FWC allows alligator hunting and also licenses farms in Florida to raise and slaughter gators for their meat and skins in terrible conditions. Definitely call HWC of South Florida if you're dealing with any wildlife situations." - Bari Cohen, resident, Palm Beach County

“When it comes to expertise and a commitment to responsible, ecological coexistence, Robert with Humane Wildlife Consulting is the only person to call." - Susan Hargreaves, Founder/Executive Director, Animal Hero Kids

"I can't say enough about my excellent experience with Humane Wildlife Consulting. Robert is amazing! A baby raccoon found his way into an atrium attached to my elderly parents' house and was unable to climb out. We fell in love with the adorable little guy but were extremely worried.  Not knowing exactly who to contact first, I called the South Florida Wildlife Center. They were very helpful and thankfully referred me to Robert. He was beyond nice, compassionate, accommodating and wonderful in every way. It's comforting to know that, should I ever need help of this "nature" again...Robert is the one! My parents and I, not to mention the raccoon, will be forever grateful. Thank you for all you did...and do!" - Ellen, resident, Miami-Dade County

"It's a great thing he's doing. Many people talk the talk, but Robert Ruderman walks the walk." - Roe, avid viewer, Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER, Nat Geo Wild

"One of the most radical, compassionate, and genuinely awesome people I've ever had the privilege to work alongside with in the wildlife field has started this ridiculously necessary foundation. This foundation will definitely be an essential resource for South Florida residents and businesses." - Cat Silver, resident, Palm Beach County