When wild animals become a so-called "nuisance," a common response is to hire a wildlife removal company or a nuisance wildlife trapper to remove them. And, understandably so. Many good people are still unaware that trapping is an ineffective and inhumane method of wildlife control that does not resolve wildlife conflicts. In reality, trapping creates a costly and never-ending cycle of futility for property owners with dire consequences for the animals.

Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators often use and misrepresent the term, "humane wildlife control." True humane wildlife control does not include trapping and removal. Nearly all trapping scenarios end badly for the animals who are trapped and the younglings who are often left behind. Because nuisance wildlife trappers are not licensed or regulated in the state of Florida, there is no oversight of their trapping or killing methods. As a result, wild animals often suffer tremendous cruelty at the hands of trappers.

Legitimate humane wildlife control operators are few and far between. We are glad you found us. Humane Wildlife Consulting of South Florida provides smart, safe, compassionate, effective, non-lethal, long-term, economical solutions for all human-wildlife conflicts.