Humane Wildlife Consulting of South Florida provides wildlife consulting, wildlife conflict resolution, and wildlife rescue services in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. We were formed to address an urgent need for compassionate and effective wildlife control in South Florida. The overwhelming majority of Floridians do not want wildlife harmed or killed; they simply want them off their property. We were appalled to learn that many nuisance wildlife trappers take advantage of unsuspecting customers who quickly find themselves in a costly, futile, and endless cycle of trapping. We were horrified to discover that “nuisance” wildlife often suffer enormous cruelty at the hands of wildlife trappers who, alarmingly and disturbingly, are neither licensed nor regulated in the state of Florida. As a result, our mission became crystal clear: to provide ethical and effective wildlife solutions for any and all wildlife conflicts.

As residents of South Florida, it is important that we learn how to coexist with wildlife without resorting to unnecessary and cruel means of removal and disposal. There is a humane solution to every wildlife conflict, without exception. All animals - regardless of how cute or ugly, how friendly or unfriendly, whether they have fur, feathers, horns, beaks, or gills - deserve humane treatment. Many people enjoy sharing their outdoor space with wildlife, but for those who don't it is our responsibility to use humane solutions to resolve conflicts that arise as a result of our cohabitation.

Humane Wildlife Consulting of South Florida founder Robert Ruderman is an expert in wildlife conflict resolution and has been consulting, investigating, and responding to wildlife issues in various capacities for the past twelve years. Mr. Ruderman’s experience includes work as a Wildlife Consultant, Animal Cruelty Investigator, Captive Wildlife Specialist, Wildlife Ambulance Driver, Wildlife Rescuer, and Humane Educator. He also currently serves as the Wildlife Coexistence Director for Animal Hero Kids. Mr. Ruderman has responded to thousands of wildlife emergencies and wildlife conflicts, many while working for the South Florida Wildlife Center. He is also licensed in euthanasia in the state of Florida.